Feedback_Required, Follow block and Captions failing update

Hey Everyone!

A quick update on Feedback Required/Follow Blocks - These are still happening but we've been able to get it running on 9/10 accounts tested.

Below is a Diagram of the steps we're doing, We're still predicting the 1st of August as when they should go back to normal.

With these changes it's very important to warm up accounts properly - We'll be releasing a full guide on how to do this shortly.

No More Upload URLS issue:

Clear Cookies and try again

Support times:

Currently at 4-5 Days average, Some are 9-10 Days, We're working on reducing this, we've covered about 50% of tickets but it should be done this week and back to 12 hour support times.


These are still happening on some accounts - if you're following our prompts and using standalone auto-follow which supports automatic rotating of proxy and cookie clearing you should be doing a lot better.

We have brought the automated cookie clearing and proxy rotating to BOOST - So now everyone should be seeing less blocks, as long as you have good breaks and slow speeds!

Caption Issues:

Clearing cookies should fix this up - If you can't tag try on your mobile phone - you could be limited from tagging for a period of time.

Re-Login Issues:

A small change to login flow on Instagrams end, If you're having issues after reading this post please let us know.

If you're needing some assistance warming the account up follow these steps : 

I've put together a video of mostly rambling but a quick rundown of the changes.