Support Update

Hey All.

This is a quick update for support times, blocks, Caption issues and re-login issues.

No More Upload URLS issue:

Clear Cookies and try again

Support times:

Currently at 4-5 Days average, Some are 9-10 Days, We're working on reducing this, we've covered about 50% of tickets but it should be done this week and back to 12 hour support times.


These are still happening on some accounts - if you're following our prompts and using standalone auto-follow which supports automatic rotating of proxy and cookie clearing you should be doing a lot better.

We have brought the automated cookie clearing and proxy rotating to BOOST - So now everyone should be seeing less blocks, as long as you have good breaks and slow speeds!

Caption Issues:

Clearing cookies should fix this up - If you can't tag try on your mobile phone - you could be limited from tagging for a period of time.

Re-Login Issues:

A small change to login flow on Instagrams end, If you're having issues after reading this post please let us know.

New graph to show off troubleshooting:

Video with me going over this: