Age/Warm Up Accounts

This is an article written by our friends at regarding warming up an account/aging an account.

What is an Account Warm Up?

Think of warming up your account as stretching before you work out at the gym.

Why do I need to warm up an account?

Freshly made, inactive, or recently bought accounts tend to get hiccups. It is not the proxies' fault usually. It is the nature of Instagrams algorithm and how they treat these type of accounts with suspicions. An inactive "aged" account is no different than a new account. It still needs proper warm up. If you do not properly warm up accounts, you will experience "Feedback Required" errors. 

Types of Accounts that need warm up:

1. New accounts

2. Inactive accounts (aged or not)

3. Any major changes to an account such as proxy changes, profile details, email, phone, etc.

4. Newly bought accounts

For example, if you bought a brand new "aged" account made in Russia and haven't seen any activity since. And if you did any of the following:

- You immediately change all the account details, 

- You start posting right away

- You added a new proxy and rush to use your new account

Then your account will be very likely to get a ban. The reason why is you haven't properly warmed up the account.

How to Properly Warm Up?

There are no actual parameters to tell you when an account is warmed up and when it will be ready to use other modules/unfollow more people. 


Think of it like this: Think back when you first registered and created your personal Instagram account. You first added this to your phone or computer ("proxies"). What did you do immediately? I doubt you posted right away. I doubt you went public right away. I doubt you like 5000 posts in a day. I doubt you commented on 1000 posts. I even doubt you had any real followers. What you actually did is...

1. Instagram provides suggestions for profiles to like and follow once you first login; usually big names such as Justin Bieber or something like that. You probably scroll the list and like a few of these big names.

2. You probably then click on their profile and like a few pics/stories/etc. Probably even comment. 

3. Now that you are more familiar with Instagram. You start looking for your friends in the Instagram world. You probably added them.

4. After a day or two, they start following back. You start liking and commenting your friends profiles. 

5. After a few days, you remember you took a photo of a sunset and wanted to share it with your friends and followers. So you post your first ever post! Still not too familiar with hashtags, you just put a few in the description.

5A. Now that you are bored with your profile details, you start to change a few things (but not all!).

6. This cycle repeats as you slowly start to grow your profile. The growth curve is never linear, but more of an exponential pattern.